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Gypsy has opened and has extended to 28th November 2015!

Gypsy began previews at the Savoy Theatre from the 28th March 2015. The show had its press night on the 15th April 2015. The Savoy theatre is located just off The Strand and is part of the luxury Savoy Hotel.

The Savoy Theatre was built in 1881 but burnt down in 1993, so the auditorium itself is relatively new.  When the theatre was restored in the 1990’s it was built to evoke a 1930’s Art Deco vibe. Due to the age of the current auditorium, sight lines in this theatre are pretty good, with no obstructive ornate pillars like in some West End venues.

There are approximately 1150 seats in the Savoy, spread across three levels; The Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle. The Dress Circle box is accessible for those with disabilities. See below for our seating tips.

5 Star Reviews For Gypsy The Musical London

Gypsy has enjoyed 5 star reviews from pretty much every critic who came to see the show! See what the press had to say below!

star-rating-5.0“Every facet of the character [Momma Rose] is caught by Imelda Staunton who gives one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen in musical theatre.” The Guardian

star-rating-5.0“Go.” The Telegraph.

star-rating-5.0“Oh Imelda Staunton. She really is the finest actress of our time. The vim and verve she brings to the role of Momma Rose will be remembered for years to come. Her ability to transition from stagey mom to crumbling matriarch is award worthy.” Official Theatre

star-rating-5.0“Unmissable.” Time Out

star-rating-5.0“If you like musical theatre, I urge you to see this stunning revival of one of the greatest Broadway musicals. If you don’t like musical theatre, see it anyway.” The Times

Seating Advice

As with all theatre, there are cheaper seats and more expensive seats. The more expensive seats have the best view of the stage and are situated around the centre of the Stalls and the Centre of the Dress Circle. Cheaper seats can be found at the back of the Upper Circle, but these can often feel a touch far back.

Seats in the middle of rows B-E of the Upper Circle are good value and boast clear views of the stage. Watch out for the safety rail in row A though, which is not suitable for Children, very short people and those who require decent leg room.

To best plan your trip to see Gypsy, please see the full Savoy Theatre seating plan below.

Savoy theatre seating Gypsy


8 thoughts on “Savoy Theatre London

  1. Philip Wood

    I was at the first night! Amazing to think it was that long ago. Off to see her in ‘Blithe Spirit’, 41 years later. Both shows either side of my Birthday 🙂 It was a HUGE first night – when they existed :p

  2. Nigel P. Herbert

    Angela Lansbury’s performance was by far the best portrayal of ‘Mama Rose’ that there has ever been. She brought to the role an incredible mixture of determination, sincerity, and humanity.
    I worked on the London production of this show and, at every performance, I witnessed her almost collapse in tears as the house-tabs fell on ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’, the closing number of the first act. In fact, her dresser had to help her off stage, such was the emotion that she felt when delivering this show-stopper of a number.
    During previews the opening of the second act had to be altered due to the audience ovation for her rendition of ‘Together’! Arthur Laurents said to me that he had always thought it the best number in the show, and yet Ethel Merman had killed it stone dead – his words not mine!
    One must never forget, Rose was a mother, she cared for her children in spite of everything that she subjected them to, and Angela Lansbury conveyed that relationship faultlessly!

  3. Christopher St. JAMES

    I saw Lansbury’s Rose at the Piccdilly, while great, the best for me was Tyne Daley’s version on Broadway. Great acting, great singing. That was, until I saw Imelda Staunton. It is a show stopping performance. I doubt we will see a better version for a very long time. It deserves it’s West End transfer. Staunton is simply amazing to watch. Especially in Rose’s Turn. It is heartbreaking to watch. Superb. Get a ticket to see this show, or steal one.

  4. Sebastian Petit

    I had always found Gypsy an uneven musical until I saw this amazing production with a monumental lead performance from Imelda Staunton. I do hope the marvellous Lara Pulver is in the London cast too. She made far more of Louise than any actor I have seen

  5. Phillip Lee

    I’ve seen 3 versions on Broadway with Tyne Daly, Bernadette Peters and Patti LuPone, along with the 2 film versions with Rosalind Russell and Bette Midler. I love seeing the show with different actors and seeing what each of them brings to the portrayal of Mama Rose. My favorite has to be Tyne Daly. I have the cast recordings to the Ethel Merman and Angela Lansbury versions, so I only have a slight impression of their performances. Merman was before my time and I was too young for Lansbury.

    Please please bring Staunton’s Gypsy to Broadway. I think she’s a natural for the part and I want to see her amazing performance

  6. William Stanisich

    Imelda Staunton is a wildly vigorous Mama Rose. With a middle voice that surprises us at every turn, she speaks the words on pitch. To vary her approach she lightens her tone and sings lyrically when she wants to charm. She does not shy away from a raw voice when she needs to bully or persuade. I was lucky to see Ethel Merman on tour in San Francisco. I loved her but have to admit that she was not giving her all. The songs are written for her thrust and diction. Imelda Staunton gives everything and has the force of personality to Make the crisis frighteningly real. It is said that they had to lie to Merman and say that Sinatra or top stars were in the theater. Then she was thrilling!

  7. The Times

    Imelda Stauton, Holly Hazleton, Grace Coppins. The dream cast.
    Imelda hits the notes.
    Holly is big sisterly and demanding at the same time.
    Grace is the insufferably cute Baby June.
    Loved them


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